UZAG Zero Air gas generator – FDGSi


  • Zero Air
  • GC-FID, GC-FPD, GC-NPD, CO2 analyzer

F-DGS’s Ultra Zero Air Generators are some of the most efficient Hydrocarbon-free air purifier systems for laboratory use. Utilising the PSA technology to remove water vapour and the heated catalyst technology to remove THC including methane to less than 0.05 ppm. This Ultra Zero Air station DO NOT requires external compressed air supply.

The Generator is controlled using the latest in HMI touch screen technology to display the process in real time.

Reference : UZAG-(Ultra Zero Air flow rate)-1 (with compressor)


  • HMI touch screen technology to display the process in real time, including process variables
  • Integral oil free compressor : fully secure supply
  • Quiet thanks to the Soundproofed compressor box and anti-vibration features
  • Auto start
  • Audible and alarm display with help menu and history log
  • Visual maintenance indication with alarm and history log
  • Outlet flow indicator
  • Energy saving Mode : Enables the compressor to switch off when Zero Air supply is not required
  • Remote access to screen using internet via USB port. To learn more, click here
  • Fit with wheels

More information

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