The ViscoStar® and microViscoStar™ on-line differential viscometers measure the intrinsic viscosity of polymers downstream of SEC. Differential viscometry is best combined with MALS and RI for analysis of polymer conformation and Mark-Houwink parameters.

On its own, the ViscoStar may be utilized with the Universal Calibration technique or Mark-Houwink parameters to assess polymer molar mass / molecular weight over a wide range.

ViscoStar: The next generation online differential viscometer.

A highly sensitive, on-line differential viscometer used in conjunction with SEC-MALS-IV to determine the size and conformation of all types of biopolymers, synthetic polymers and even proteins and peptides.

Highly Sensitive

A highly sensitive, on-line differential viscometer used with SEC-MALS-IV to determine the size and conformation of polymers, proteins and peptides separated by UHPLC.

Multiple Novel Technologies

The microViscoStar™ incorporates multiple novel technologies to provide the highest sensitivity, stability and solvent compatibility of any available viscometer for UHPLC. Its ease-of-use and serviceability make it the perfect companion for Wyatt’s microDAWN™ light scattering and microOptilab™ refractive index detectors for UHPLC.

APC and UHPLC Applications

View the webinar Development of a New Online Micro-Viscometer for APC and UHPLC Applications.

To learn about the technological breakthroughs implemented in the microViscoStar, download ViscoStar: Innovations in Online Viscometry for GPC.

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