The Calypso® automated composition-gradient accessory and software are used in conjunction with a MALS detector (CG-MALS) to characterize biomolecular interactions, label-free and immobilization-free. CG-MALS determines equilibrium dissociation constants self- and hetero-association as well as more complex interactions.

Also useful for automation of Zimm plots, dn/dc analysis, reaction kinetics and polymer interaction analyses.

Label-free, immobilization-free characterization of protein-protein and other macromolecular interactions with composition-gradient multi-angle light scattering.


The Calypso® II, in conjunction with a DAWN® or miniDAWN® MALS detector, measures binding affinities and absolute, molecular stoichiometries of complex biomolecular interactions.

Weight-Average Molar Mass

In addition to equilibrium association constants Kd and absolute stoichiometry of reversible self- and hetero-associations, it can also help determine reaction or aggregation rates, non-specific interaction parameters (virial coefficients) and even automate measurements of weight-average molar mass and dn/dc for polymers.

CALYPSO Software

Included with each Calypso is a copy of CALYPSO software, the most versatile software package available for analysis of biomolecular interactions in solution by light scattering.

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